Rug Cleaning and Stain Removal

Hand made Oriental rugs and special antique rugs are susceptible to moth damage. The two primary reasons for this are high humidity and lack of periodic cleaning, which could lead to depreciation in the rug’s value of as much as 90%. Even after repair, it would still not regain its full market value, however, regular maintenance and cleaning is a good way to avoid this problem.

Typically rugs need to be washed every one to three years, depending on use. Ninety percent of rugs are made from wool, which can be cleaned with cold water and a gentle wool shampoo. This periodic cleaning will help keep your rug in pristine condition, as well as minimizing the buildup of germs and bacteria.

Rug Location Cleaning Interval
High traffic area such as: hallway, family room, kitchen every year
Normal traffic area such as: dining room, office, formal family room every 2 years
Low traffic area such as: bed room, all decorative and hang rug every 3 years
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Our Cleaning Process
We shake your rug thoroughly to loosen all dirt and sand from between the pile and rug foundation.

Next, we thoroughly brush the rug with cold water and wool shampoo, rinsing and repeating the cycle until it is ready to be placed in our drying stations. This process generally takes between four and six days.

We finish the process by hand cleaning the rug’s end fringe, which requires an additional day to dry, after which we vacuum and wrap the rug in brown paper to complete the cleaning.

Good news for local customers in North Florida and South Georgia
If you have high quality and expensive rugs and want to protect your investment, for the first time in USA we bond your rug against moth damage every three years term. For more information call (904) 296-9696.

before and after cleaning

before and after cleaning

before and after cleaning

before and after cleaning

When you use your rug on a floor, three separate factors cause to damage your rug. One of them is germs and bacteria.

The air around you could be teeming with more than 1800 types of bacteria, according to the USA department of energy's Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory.

After mixing with moisture, bacteria can grow on anything, including your area rugs. The higher the humidity, the more bacteria will be present on the top rug. The bacteria can then spread to the pile and foundation.

Another factor which can cause to damage your rug is Stains and Spots. Your area rug covers the floor and normally everything will be dropped on it, including wine, soda, food, oil, etc.

All these substances contain coloring, sugars and fats.

Color and water cause color running, and sugars with water penetrate the pile and foundation and over time will dry out and damage the rug. Fats can seep past the pile and then stay on foundation and over time produce germs and bacteria.

These factors can be a serious problem for area rugs and are reasons a wash and clean up can benefit your area rugs.