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We do tapestry backside covering and construction of custom sleeves for hanging or mounting your tapestries.

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Consignment Policy

Bijan rug gallery is glad to work with customers in our consignment program, and help sell customers rugs for any reason.


  • We are responsible after sale (consignment rug) to another customer, we carefully wash the rug by special cleaning, and de-odorize if required.
  • We check the rug perfectly and repair any part of the rug as necessary for it to be sold.
  • We add the cleaning and repair expense to the invoice and keep it on file, so the customer doesn't pay this invoice.
  • Between processing, we research the market and find the right retail price for this used rug.
  • Any time we find a customer and sell the rug, we take a 30% commission plus invoice (cleaning & repair), and write the customer a check.
  • This consigment program runs for unlimited time, and any time the customer needs the rug back they may simply pay the repair & cleaning invoice, and take the rug back.

We offer three high quality rug pads for various uses:

  • Dur-hold Pads
  • No-Muv Pads
  • Rug Check Pads

Rug Storage

We store your rug in our secure, ventilated storate with air conditioning. Insurance is available on unlimited time - daily, monthly, or yearly.