Stairway Runners and Installation

One of the unique services we offer to our customers is the installation of stairway runners of any design, angled or straight. We carry a wide selection of runners, from hand woven to machine made.

We have a large selection of runners to choose from, hand woven or machine made. We can also install a runner on top of any stairway, straight or angled.

A rug pad stops oriental rugs from rippling, bunching, and moving when the rug is used over carpet. We recommend and use only DUR-Hold brand pads under our runners. DUR-Hold pads do an excellent job securing the foundation and providing support for your runner.

We can custom make Runners for hallways, and any other part of the house. Sizes include 27", 33", 47" in width and up to any desired length.

Contact us for pricing and shipping information on runners, custom runners, and rug pads.

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